Baha’i faith in Iran

Mohamd Javad Larijani the brother of Majles speaker Ali Larijani and judiciary deputy in human rights claims that Baha’is are not being persecuted because of their religion but because they prevent the members of their community to leave this cult. They are involved in cult like activities :

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1) Baha’ism is a sect of sect of sect of Islam, it is a sect of Babism, which is a sect of Shaikhism which is a sect of Shiism, which is again considered as a sect of Islam. And now it claims itself to be a Brand new religion.

2) They have a very strong Administrative System. This system is governed by the ‘Supreme Seat’ in Haifa, the most holy ‘Infallible’ body ofBaha’i Administration that is headed by ‘All Male, 9 Individuals’ and their collective decision is believed to be “inspired by God” Himself.

3) Although they believe in equality between men and women, but their supreme body does not allow membership to women for ‘unknown reasons’.

4) Although they believe is mass teaching, ruhi teaching, direct teaching, children classes, adult classes, Junior youth classes, all sort of classes for the masses but they do not believe in teaching the innocent people ofIsrael. According to them Israeli Jews are not in need of Baha’i faith but Iranian muslims can only gain success if they become Baha’is. Converting Iranian Moslem is a worship and wasting time in teaching the faith toIsraeli Jews is forbidden.

5) The guidance (orders) of UHJ or Universal House of Justice, the supreme body of Baha’is is obligatory on all the Baha’is to follow. If anyBaha’i is critical of this body or any other administrative body or if a Baha’i asks too many questions, regarding the guardianship or the authority of the Supreme Body, he is considered as ‘Covenant Breaker ‘ and is shunned and his membership removed. All the baha’is are then advised (ordered) to cut off any / all relations with this guy.

5) The NSA (National Spiritual Assembly), the national supreme body has always 4-5 Persian Baha’is. Actually Baha’i faith is a Persian religion and the Persian members always have a upper hand. Check the LSAs / NSAs of your area.

6) In a span of 165 years Baha’i faith has been divided into 17 more sects. All are small groups with very few followers but they all claim to be true and label the rest of the baha’is ascovenant breakers. The largest sect among baha’is are the Orthodox Baha’is with a large following in America, Canada, Australia, India, Iran and Africa.

7) Other bigger sects are BUPC, Tarbiyat Baha’is, Unitarian Baha’is

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