Iranians in Buffalo, Fat Mama Bear, and Eid Nowrouz.

New Year festivities are over, I noticed there were a few. A general celebration, one sponsored by Baha’i community, a few small, private, and purely Islamic—NO dancing, NO music! Well anyway. For next year I propose a Jewish Iranian Eid Nowrouz, an Aramenian Iranian Eid Nowrouz, A Kordish Iranian Eid Nowrouz, A Balooch Iranian Eid Nowrouz, and Iranian-American Eid Nowrouz. That is a lot of fun and lots of parties to go to show off your borrowed dresses that you will return to get your money back before 14 days free use!

Why there is no public sharing of gossip, rumors, and the chattering that still is going on right now! Ya, the food was that, cash bar served the cheapest booze, no assigned seating, and all hungry people at once attacked the buffet table—why they did not set the table on both sides of the reception hall?! And those freaking crying babies!!!

Babbling and chattering, prized characteristics of this bunch here, still continues. The hairy fat mama bear (taken from Iranian in Buffalo by Zorumbaa posted at and her robot Nochehs keep the fire going, what else you do if you have no real life. Gossiping and blabber mouthing becomes your daily job. Jaar Chee Mahale, (borrowing from the same source) seems going nuts now days! Running around like a chicken without a head! We need to keep the peace and harmony in our community; some Iranians here truly need intense psychological counseling. May be it is the time that the wise and smart people of this community, the prominent and the self-proclaimed leaders instead rhetoric and one sided Fotwa, try some other tactics.

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