ROB-ایرانی ها در بافالو- ادامه داستان. فاطمه زهرا ، آن تکتوال های محلی و راب

ROB, recently commented on a similar subject,, I have the following comments regarding Fatomeh Zahra ,,  as it very well applies to ROB’s comments.  ROB following the footsteps of the local self-proclaimed Islamist-feminist, author, professor  et al,  belongs to the same breed of  the Islamist apologists, the master of TAGHIYYA and KETMAAN (original Arabic words are spelled and pronounced differently,)  and their  purely apologetic defense of indefensible, whitewashing and double thinking is an insult to intellectual honesty and  scholarship. There is a difference between scholarship and sophistry and trickery.

The local Iranian Islamist-feminist in her Buffalo News article dated December 13, 2009 writes” …when I speak of Islam as a pro- feminist movement and Prophet Mohammad as a VISIONARY CHAMPION OF WOMEN RIGHTS, these are historical facts, but non-Muslims generally do not see this because of the badly distorted view of Muslims….”  This assertion no matter how she is NOW SPINNING IT, is just inscrutable.  Well,  I may as well add let us also  blame the media, Zionists, Imperialists, colonialists and the kitchen sink on top of it! How convenient this is! By the way what are those “Historical Facts?”

ROB, as well as  so called writings and work of local Iranian Islamist-feminist  do not address, question, or her god forbid, criticize the fundamental mechanism and apparatus of oppressive power that is utilize to perpetuate sexism and violence against women particularly in Islamic world. Ignoring the negative evidence, her constant search for a confirmation bias is evident in self- promoting interviews and elsewhere.

The sophomoric and inane presentation and argument is not cogent, it is jaded and filled with prevarication. It shows the nescience of the authors and speakers and farcical nature of her claim. It is the worn out argument that every Akhoond uses while addressing his listeners from his Menbar!  According to part of this reasoning Prophet was acting upon god’s words as prescribe in Quran, so there must be a reason, A GOOD REASON, for Prophet to have sex with a 9 year old girl. A Muslim DOES NOT QUESTION HIS CREATOR, he/she is “Abdol-Laah” from birth until death. This is the essence of our local liberated Iranian Islamist-feminist thinking!  

Apologists like ROB and local Islamist-feminist to defend the faith are obligated to obfuscate, lie and deny the reality.  “May the REAL Islam please stand up!”  Why they have so much fear of the truth about their faith being exposed, to such a degree that you become their version of a MORTAD, and then must be KILLED! Why so much cover up and justification, intolerance and violence?

In the book that ROB and other believers MUST FOLLOW there are 114 Soura, each one directly and explicitly telling ROB and others what to do. In these Soura there are more than 480 instances that god directly and explicitly orders  VIOLENCE, WAR, KILLING, JIHAAD,  BURNING, MUTULATION , and other acts of VIOLENCE, a good deal of it CLEARLY AGAINST WOMEN.

ROB and cohorts deceptively try to justify the Muslims propensity to act in violence not only against women, but the brutality of the ideology. They believe in violence, hatred, and intolerance.  Fine let it be. Every one everywhere, other than Islamic culture, is allowed to freely choose their faith, worship and idolized anything or anybody, a cow in India and Imam Hossein in Shi’a cult. Here we are not talking about personal opinions and beliefs.

The issue is not the freedom of religion or disrespect and intolerance for others.  The issue is lack of  knowledge about the subject matter and  making apocryphal claims without any substantiation . Or in a clumsy way try to act like a Political Anthropologist and enter a domain that is alien to you.   Most of us perhaps are looking for our 15 minutes of fame and fortune, but these people need to know the audience is not always made up of simpletons that make feel good as an Ann-Tellectual.

One thought on “ROB-ایرانی ها در بافالو- ادامه داستان. فاطمه زهرا ، آن تکتوال های محلی و راب

  1. Have you heard of being hypocritical, being pretentious, and master of self-promotion? Well, this self-proclaimed Islamist feminist and collector of Mehriye for oppressed Iranian women is all of the above and more. The social and professional behavior of this type of people gives a wrong impression about the character and integrity of the good community of Iranians. These characters need to be exposed for what they are.

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