CIA, MI6, Shah, and Khomeini, The Paranoid Style in Iranian Politics, Going Beyond Conspiracy Theories

There is a forwarded post from KOMAK which is by Khosrow Biglari , originally posted at ویراسکار : کورش ضد ولایت which shows the following message on top of its page:

ایران از اسلام و جمهوری اسلامی نفرت دارد ایرانی راستین مسلمان نیست – باورمند راستین و بنیادی به اسلام اهریمنی ( مسلمان) ایرانی‌ نیست. ننگ و نفرین بر اسلام محمد (یهودی نژاد بیمار روانی‌ جنسی‌ کودک آزار) و خاندان او از علی‌ ( وحشی آدم کش) -حسن حسین ( کشتار گران ایرانیان و متجاوزین به خاک ایران زمین) تا خمینی و علی‌ خامنه ماموران انگلسی‌ و آمریکا برای ویرانی ایران IRAN HATES ISLAM & ISLAMIC REPUBLIC—IRANIANS ARE NOT MUSLIM & MUSLIMS ARE NOT IRANIAN!

A simple search will provide sufficient info and evidence as to background, intentions, motive, and agenda of ex office of Shah’s Imperial Guard JAVIDAN. The following is an excerpt from his bio in his own words. WWW is littered with all kind of content, so lucky we are that have the freedom and liberty to read, share, discuss, and debate what is said without fear and intimidation. The true task of an intelligent reader is to search for truth based on verifiable evidence, value free and non-judgmental expose, scientific and non-emotional discourse. I believe Mr. Biglari , although argues on some justifiable grounds , has failed to bring attention to the core of Iranian problem (and possible solutions) by a noisy display of emotionalism and sensationalism.

The Iranian mindset and national vocabulary if filled with words like جاسوس، خیانت ، توطئه ، اسرار، ستون پنجم، پشت صحنه ، وابسته، خطر از خارج، نوکران استمار، پشت پرده، دشمن خارجی، و و.  It is perhaps time that we take a good look at ourselves, our history and culture and start to take some serious personal responsibility for our own actions or lack thereof. There is NO CIA or MI6 or Mossad that can put Khomeini on the throne unless you/we are able to see his beard on the surface of the MOON and that to be TRUE.


I, Khosrow Biglari, Iranian Imperial Guard Javidan Intelligence Officer, master of leadership and management. Trained Iranian and American Army. Pledging my life first to Iran and second to the Crown of Iran, my life mission is freedom for homeland.

In 2002 the mission became clear in my mind, I knew I must begin to help introduce Parliamentary Monarchy for Iran, this was the true answer. I found Dr. Nassar Ahmidi, he was a knowledgeable man together we began to work creating this mission.

Having just completed training, January 1979, Two weeks before the revolution, I was handed the Mission, Leaving USA, returning to the Homeland. Unsettling times were upon the land. Chaos. Soon after wards as most fellow Royalists, I too was arrested, though not immediately assassinated, placed in a cell. Experiencing the darkest worlds, caged like a bird, I dream of flight. Ah agony of cage, forgiveness, sadness, these men participating in the name of god doing shameful acts of unspeakable. I know pain intimately, this feeling I wish on no soul.

I fear nothing, I am the sky, refusing death, I swore my life to protect my homeland, my homeland is in Danger, I will not break, they torture me for over 3 1/2 years, I will not break, I grow in strength, I will not fall, fight the good fight. A story for another day. In 1984 arrived, I felt a lifetime had passed, I had forgotten many things, the toll on my mind, body and soul was heavy.

The Great escape, I gather my final resources, fleeing the homeland, vowing to return, here in my heart of hearts knowing this battle has just begun, long painful would be, I must wait for the children of the children to awake. In action, watch the timing. In December 1984, I arrived in USA, touchdown, create base camp, fight the good fight, every breath taken is for homeland, fire of desire burn return to homeland with freedom.

A land embroiled in war with Iraq that would last over 8 years, I remember our military commander based in Kermanshah position on Iraq, “your Majesty if you command, we eat lunch in Baghdad” , ah a simpler time.


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