Princess Mary Cops Cleavage Look

Princess Mary of Denmark suffered an awkward moment during a televised state dinner when she caught the First Gentleman of Finland staring at her cleavage.

One thought on “Princess Mary Cops Cleavage Look

  1. What is wrong, and why it is “AWKWARD” that a man from Finland or somewhere else looks at the beauty that beautiful woman possesses and admire that with sincerity and a senesce of appreciation? Does anyone one thinks, as IRR thugs thinks and believe, exposing such beauty will CAUSE the ‘Gentleman” to jump up and RAPE the lady? I don’t think so, a “GENTEMAN” will NEVER do that, thugs and Islamist sickos will!
    Have you seen Venus Anadyomene by Titan, circa 1525? Or Venus de Milo displayed at Louvre Museum in Paris? Venus De Milo is visited, appreciated, and admired by a lot more people every year that those who worship a black stone by a frenzy run around a circle in the hot desert of Arabia. Go figure!?

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