Shocking Video From Steve Jobs’ Last Business Meeting

“Steve died peacefully today surrounded by his family”. These were the words that were released by Steve Jobs’ family members in response to his death. This clearly indicates that Steve Jobs died in the presence of his close relatives and family members.

Keeping that in mind, here’s a video which has been spreading like wildfire on Facebook and other social networking sites, and generating millions of views. The video was first uploaded on popular video sharing site Vimeo on August 31, 2011, which was later uploaded on YouTube on October 6, 2011.

The video, however, is a fake and the person in the video is not Steve Jobs. From the video we learn that the fake Steve is in a meeting with some unidentified people, and suddenly in the middle of a conversation, Jobs lowers his head and faints and slips down from his chair, creating panic in the room.

Now here’s the thing. I can assure that the video is a fake for three reasons. One, a part of that video was taken from an interview with Steve by All Things Digital in 2010. There are five parts of the video and I’m sure it was taken from any one of these. From the interview video, you will notice that Steve is sitting on the same red chair which is showed in the fake video. Here’s the fifth part of the interview –

Bizarrely, the above video was uploaded on October 6, 2010.
The second reason why I find the video is a fake is that Steve Jobs resigned as the CEO of Apple on August 24, 2011, and the upload date of the video is August 31, 2011. Steve Jobs after his resignation never came back to work or never attended any important meetings as such. And lastly, the other reason is that neither Apple nor any of Steve’s family members have confirmed about the video. So, it’s pointless to assume that the video is genuine.

I believe that the video was created to drive traffic to the site The post in which the video was posted states – “ has just received the above video shot during Steve Jobs’ last, secret business meeting.”

This clearly tells us that the owners of the site created the video just to attract visitors and nothing else. And now you see the video link being circulated on Facebook and other social networking sites.

I recommend that you please avoid “sharing” or “liking” the video, and delete the post if you come across on your Facebook wall. We had also seen scammers taking advantage of the death news of Steve Jobs and were spreading scams like Apple Giving Away 1000 Limited Editions iPad 2 across the social network giant,

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