This new iPhone 5 will be on sale soon… I’ve checked with Apple.
They’re not sure exactly what date it will be released, but it’s definitely this WINTER.
I’ve put my name on the list for when they do. 

The sales rep said there is a two year waiting list and I was number 2,794,587,692! 

What’s the cost? 

It doesn’t matter what it costs, I’m getting one. 


One thought on “THE NEW IPHONE 5 …. WOW~!!!

  1. Too bad you are this number 2,794,587,692! I am a very ASSIL Iranian and know how to “use, never mind abuse” the system. I know how to bribe, how to buy people, how to create fear so Apple guys pee in their pants! And a lot of other Iranian specialty that I have. So, doing all of the above I beat you in numbers! I am number 7, the lucky one and can see the scanning ability of I5 much sooner than you!!
    Do you want me to send you any specific scanned images? I’ll be happy to oblige.

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