Top immigrants in USA are Iranians True or False

So Proud, it is great to hear these news.
Iranians are the best immigrants 
         USA has seen !!!!!!!!!
Iranians in US:
According to extrapolated 2000 US Census data and other independent surveys done by Iranian-Americans themselves, there are an estimated over  
1.5 million Iranian-Americans living in the U.S. in 2009,
with the largest concentration — 
about 720,000 people — being in Los Angeles .
·         An NPR report recently put the
·         Iranian population ofBeverly Hills as high as 20% of the total population. Iranian communities in the US also have varying religious populations among each city. Other large communities include New York ; New Jersey ; Washington , D.C. ; Seattle , Washington ; and Houston , Texas
·         The majority of the Iranian born had a bachelor’s degree or higher.. According to Census 2000, 50.9 percent of Iranian immigrants have attained a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to 24.0 percent among the total foreign-born population.[5]According to the latest census data available, more than one in four Iranian-Americans holds a master’s or doctoral degree, the highest rateamong 67 ethnic groups studied.
·         The Small Business Administration (SBA) recently conducted a study that found Iranian immigrants among the top 20 immigrant groupswith the highest rate of business ownership, contributing substantially to the U.S. economy.
·         Almost one in three Iranian American households have annual incomes of more than $100K (compared to one in five for the overall U.S.. population).
·         According to a study carried out by theMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyIranian scientists and engineers in the United States own or control around $880 billion
·         At present, there are over5,000 Iranian physiciansworking in the United States who have their own practice and/or work in medical institutions.
In 2001, it was estimated that the total number of Iranian professors who teach and research in higher education institutions in the United States was over 4,000.

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