Cisco, Telia to activate ‘world’s fastest internet connection’ at 120Gbps, sounds pretty Swede

If the Swedes can dry a load of laundry on a 40Gbps internet connection, just imagine what they could do with 120Gbps. Melt polar caps? Solve the debt crisis? Dry three loads of laundry? The possibilities may be limitless, but we’ll all find out soon enough, because Cisco and Telia are aiming to break the 120Gbps barrier by the end of this weekend. It’s all part of this week’s DreamHack, a Swedish digital festival that the Guinness Book recognizes as the “world’s largest LAN party.” This year, the two companies will attempt to set up a 300 kilometer-long connection from Jönköping to Stockholm, designed to serve (in theory, anyway) up to 750,000 people at blazing speeds — of course, only 20,000 or so will be at DreamHack. The project has been in the works since last summer, with Telia constructing the fiber network, and Cisco handling hardware duties with a pair of power-packed CRS-3 routers (scalable to a total capacity of up to 322Tbps!). The companies say that the connection, if successful, would set a record for network “capacity utilization,” allowing all 750K users to stream music simultaneously and to download an entire movie in just .047 seconds. It’ll take us a lot longer to pick up our jaws from the ground.
Source Dreamhack

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