Iran to build Formula One track near Tehran


Iran has decided to build a track for Formula One in Parand City, 35km south of Tehran. Apex Circuit Design has been given contract for this project, which is the first of its type in Iran.

Company director Martin Baerschmidt hailed the design, saying, “We were really surprised after seeing the landscape. Planning and construction would follow all Formula One standards. We want to improve the level of immunity and excitement as well.”

The five-kilometer-track will be inaugurated within six months.

The first phase of the project would cost $30 million and the second phase is expected to cost $55 million.

Alireza Sabbagh, executive manager of the project, is optimistic about the undertaking. “Iran has so many young people and there is an increasing tendency for them to drive. Formula One has a great future in the Asian country,” Sabbagh said.



Source: Mehr News Agency



One thought on “Iran to build Formula One track near Tehran

  1. 85 million dollars to drive FAST, bet you all Aghaa-Zaadeh Haa will have the time of their life with their toys. What the …. is happening to the use of public funds in IRR?

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